A managed security service is a systematic approach that a third-party uses to manage a company’s cybersecurity needs, including managing firewalls, monitoring and implementing intrusion detection systems, implementing patches and upgrades as well as conducting vulnerability and penetration assessments responding http://www.antivirushub.net/advanced-features-of-electronic-data-room/ to emergencies and providing reporting. Managed security service providers offer an economical option for companies that cannot afford to hire or support their own cybersecurity team or have limited capabilities.

A security-focused MSP focuses on cybersecurity while an IT service provider focuses primarily on IT operations. MSSPs provide 24/7 information security monitoring and management services to help companies identify, triage and respond to cyberattacks. They typically use an operation center with high availability to provide services such a managed firewalls, intrusion detectors virtual private network management, endpoint threats detection and response, and vulnerability scanning.

An MSSP must be able to provide custom-designed services based upon an understanding of the company’s security objectives and its surroundings. Apart from providing 24/7 monitoring and threat intelligence, top MSSPs also analyze and evaluate information gathered from a broad variety of sources. This allows them to proactively identify threats and eliminate critical weaknesses.

A MSP that focuses on security should also be able provide advanced endpoint detection (EDR) solutions as well as XDR solutions. XDR monitors a variety of sources of data, such as firewalls, intrusion detectors antivirus, next-generation firewalls and other enterprise devices. It also provides centralized management and automation. The platform can identify unknown attackers by using multiple-layered detection methods and provides access to the entire attack surface to prioritize and fix vulnerabilities.

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