Audiobooks on finance can be a great multi-tasking tool. You can listen to these books while driving or exercise, cook, or complete chores. Audiobooks can also help you retain the information better than reading. Audiobooks can help you comprehend complex concepts better because of the narration, tone and emphasis. These books on finances will teach you how to manage your finances, save money, invest, and earn passive income.

Best Finance Audiobooks

There are a variety of personal investment and finance audiobooks available regardless of whether you’re a beginner investor or a professional. These best finance audiobooks offer many perspectives and advice from expert authors. These audiobooks include classics such as Benjamin Graham’s introduction to value investing to more contemporary favorites like Vicki Robbin’s guidance on setting goals will help you broaden your horizons.

These books can be used to teach children about personal finance and money management. Jasmine Paul teaches money and counting concepts to children aged 4 to 8 in “Peeps Let’s Talk Money” with Marvelosissimo the Mathematical magician. This book teaches the concepts of saving, delayed gratification and asking for help in an entertaining and fun approach.

These best finance audiobooks are ideal for older children and teens who want to gain knowledge about personal finance. “The Big Short” for instance, is a captivating audiobook about the stock market crash. It describes the lives of people who made millions betting against the housing market crash.

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